The Apples are Coming !

Watch out for this year’s Apple Day

Watch out for the arrival of apples on your doorstep!

apple_day_21Music, games, the Sweet Apple Cafe run by our very own children

Cafe signcafe serving

and Benny’s Marvellous Machines will make a return visit.

BRING FOOD TO SHARE (made out of apples, if you can) !


S U N D A Y    OCTOBER  18th   2.30 – 5.30pm

Be Safe

The playground that we funded at the back of The Hut was inspected for safety when it was first created. But in the aftermath of the sad accident to a child in Mile End Park, we decided we should have it re-inspected. That way parents and carers can be sure that our children are safe.

Play consultant, Rob Whewell – recommended by PATH – did the original assesment. He returned a few weeks ago to see how the playground and the equipment is shaping up.

Is there any rot? Is it safe?

Is there any rot? Is it safe?

Safety 1

His report gives us a clean bill of health, while detailing items like the springing frog that is showing signs of wear and tear, and needs attention. He tells us how long the climbing tree and bit of equipment are likely to last, and helpfully identifies things that we should just keep an eye on.

Mickey Mouse comes to Gascoigne


We had an excellent Summer Party on Sunday, with a mega cake, and surprise visitors….Mickey:HutDSC_0150DSC_0184~2

But the centrepiece of it all were the wonderful objects created by Benny Banks and his son Chris. Kids even shunned the bouncy castle in order to be pulled round the estate in his decorated vintage cart and to ride on the seesaw and play on the mini-train.IMG_20150817_081658IMG_20150817_080812


Many thanks to him and the people who all helped to make the day a succcess.

[And Benny promises to come back with his machines on Apple Day on October 18th…]

Summer Time…

Gascoigne’s SUMMER PARTY is coming up, with bouncy castle, face-painting, food and fun.


Come and bring food to share and get together with your neighbours

Plus this year – a special item…!

Benny from Leopold Buildings, with his son Chris, has been quietly restoring wonderful old Victorian artefacts, working on them in a local garage. When they open the doors of the garage, you are looking into an Aladdin’s Cave full of wonders.

The centrepiece is an 1870 barrel-organ that plays a selection of tunes –  the only one in existence outside of a museum, complete with space for a cat…

Benny 1_0076

Kids will be able to ride on a mini-train, Train_0083

be pulled in a colourful little cart, and play on a fantastic see-saw rocking-horse invented by Benny and Chris.

The pair use them to raise money for children’s charities, and are happy to bring them to our Summer Party this year – for adults to wonder at and kids to enjoy.

Loo for a Day

The Hut changed the other day. If you’d have gone into it, there in front of you would have seen a sparkling new kitchen, bath and toilet.


And the next day, they were gone again !

Transform 220150702-01331

What was going on?? The reason for the one-day house is simple.

Tower Hamlets Homes had rented the Hut for a few hours for a Drop-In, in order to show tenants what their new kitchens and bathrooms would look like in real life. Much better than a leaflet through the door.

We were pleased to have them there – rental money all goes to community events on our estate, planting flowers and to pay for the Hut. We need more bookings! So please pass the word around.

The Hut is a great place for children’s parties, small meetings, receptions, workshops and so on. And dont forget – there’s a special price too for residents.

Contact Debbie for details – 07931 712276

The Mystery of the Moving Table (and the non-moving rubbish)

Once there was a ping pong table here

Now you see it….


Now you don’t…


After it had been wrenched off its screws, it kept moving around – for one stupid time it was in the lobby of Dunmore Point where residents were – not surprisingly – not pleased.  Then it was to be found at the side of The Hut where kids were playing on it. And then it vanished again. Early last Saturday morning there was no sign of it, not in the playground, nowhere at the back, front or side of The Hut.

Stolen, it seemed.

And then it came back again. People got in touch and reported seeing it at the back of The Hut.

We have a magic ping-pong table with a mind of its own.

But what a shame the rubbish around the playground and The Hut can’t do the same trick.

Right now, it looks really bad. This picture is only the half of it…

How nasty for kids to play here and for any of us to sit out here. So…

Hut litter 2

….this is an appeal for people to come and help clear up the playground and the sandpit, on this Saturday at 11am. Bring plastic bags, and gloves.

Unlike the ping-pong table, the rubbish isn’t going to move itself.

Finally – come back at 2.30pm for a slice of cake and then the Annual General Meeting of the Gascoigne Neighbourhood Association and hear what we’ve done in the past year.

More on Pollution

We knew it before the Evening Standard used the Freedom of Information Act and discovered, “Levels of toxicity are up to three-and-a-half times the EU legal limit – and all of the country’s worst blackspots for dirty air are in the capital.”

But where’s our proof?

Some weeks ago, a team of local residents looked at maps and discussed which bits we feel suffer most from traffic fumes. IMG_3393

Then we went and placed small diffusion tubes around Bethnal Green Road, Hackney Road/Columbia Road,  Redchurch Street, Arnold Circus and Club Row. The tubes measure the levels of nitrogen dioxide – the toxic gas that is closely linked to asthma and other respiratory problems, and causes such grief to many local people. IMG_3398

We left the tubes there and then collected them after one week.  The London Sustainability Exchange is currently analysing the data. Watch this space for their results.

But don’t breathe too deeply…..

Cut the Pollution !

Have you noticed, when you are near a main road, the way your chest tightens up? It’s pollution – caused by traffic fumes. And it is deadly. London Sustainability Exchange (LSE) reckons 100 people die a year in the borough because of air pollution. But at a lesser level, it is also responsible for bronchitis, asthma and heart disease.

East London has long been heavily polluted by industry but Tower Hamlets has some of the busiest roads in Britain passing close to large high-density housing estates. Nowhere in the borough is further than 500 metres from a busy road and new housing developments targeted at young families are popping up right by main roads.

This Saturday morning (January 31st) we are going to be shown how to measure air pollution in our area, and be given kits to take out to parts we reckon could be trouble spots.  We are gathering in The Hut at 10am, for a short lesson, and then going out with the kit for around an hour.

Come and join us. Have a hand in protecting our families and cutting pollution.

The data that we collect will be entered on a map and given to the Council and also be part of the East Shoreditch Neighbourhood Plan.

Good Bye to Glamour

Very sad news that Roy Silvester died, from cancer, two days ago.

You couldn’t fail to have noticed him as he picked his usual way slowly and carefully from Leopold Buildings – a skinny man with a pale face and twinkling forget-me-not blue eyes. And such unforgettable style.  Waistcoats, trilbies, old-fashioned grandpa shirts, sharp lacquered cane. And hats, hats, hats – he’d got hundreds, he said happily.  He had a talent for finding just the right thing in charity shops.



Stopping and talking to him, in his soft Cornish burr, was always a pleasure – hearing   stories of his life as a chef (and what great cakes he devised and baked for Apple Day), getting gardening tips.

He was never well, but with what spirit, courage and grace he tackled his life.

And he brought glamour to Gascoigne.

Bring On Spring

We are going to plant spring bulbs and sweet-smelling herbs this Wednesday afternoon —


Come and join in – Guidance given by Gabby our Gardener. No previous experience at all required.

2.30-5.30 Wednesday the 29th October.