More Apples

Apple Day was such a great event that we are doing it again this year.

SUNDAY  12 th OCTOBER , 2.30 – 5.30pm

Watch out for apples landing on your doorstep, and give some thought about what you can make from them. Last year, people brought such a lovely spread – apple muffins, turnovers, cakes, slices… But you needn’t be limited to apples or even bake yourself. The children who run the Sweet Apple Cafe will welcome any contribution.



Begin at the Beginning

We’ve made a start. Last week we attacked the chickweed and other undesirables. They were starting to choke the plants on the beds that run along the length of Leopold Buildings.

Day One

Five adults, three children and one baby worked hard for a few hours and made a noticeable difference. Have a look and see what you think.

Next Wednesday, we are going to spread bark to stop the weeds just growing back. Come along and join in. No special knowledge is required. Our gardener, Gabby,

Gabby pic

will be there to stop us doing anythign disastrous.

She’s also advising us on what plants will go well in those beds. As soon as we can, we’ll put some in but last week the earth was so hard that a spade couldn’t even made a dent. The big planting will take place – with bulbs and others – will take place in the autumn though.

Be Part of the Rescue !

Come and join in, this Wednesday 16th, and get rid of the weeds that are choking the few flowers around Leopold Buildings.

We are going to clear the ground and start to put in new planting so that in time a glorious colourful display will meet your eye instead of sad bushy greenery.

THCH has agreed that we can take over the contract from Aspire who’ve been doing the maintenance. As you can imagine, it’s not that much money for a year. So the more energy we ourselves put into it, the better it’ll look.

Gardener, Gabby Boraston is going to come once a month, and the grass is going to be mown more frequently. What would you like to see here?

Come on Wednesday – any time between 2.30 and 5.30. Come and join in, come and meet Gabby and tell us. Be part of the rescue.


Once Arnold Circus was a dump, and look at it now….

Let’s make Leopold Lovely!


Sunshine and the way ahead

This is the way to do an Annual General meeting….

On a sunny day, outside…

Our Treasurer, Jane Deacon

Our Treasurer, Jane Deacon

Jane presented the year’s accounts, and James read an account of what we have done during the year. A full year with a new playground and a Master Plan commissioned about improvements to make the whole estate pleasanter, greener and safer for all.

Annual Report 2014

We combined the AGM with a Bring’Buy Sale, donations going to CLIC Sargent, the charity that helps children and young people who have cancer.  People were generous and contributed £150.

James Greem chaired

James Green chaired

Have a Clear-Out – help children (and yourself)

What have you got hanging around in your place that you don’t need any longer?

Clothes?  Books?  Kitchenware?  Toys your children don’t play with any more?  Loads of stuff… You name it!


Have a good clear-out. Bring them to the Gascoigne Bring’n Buy Sale this coming Saturday, 1.30 – 5pm.

Tables cost £5 – first come, first served.

Bake or bring cakes for the Refreshment TableCIMG3297

Give something from what you make to CLIC Sargent, the charity that raises money to help Children with Cancer.

Cliffhanger in Weavers

The result for our ward, Weavers, must have been the most contested in the country.  That could have been because all our three Councillors worked their socks off for the ward during their time. None has been the sort of sleeping politician who’s rarely seen around.

It was a long night – and more – for the tellers. Finally, after two recounts and 72 hours, they declared the result. Victory for Labour and Councillors Abdul Mukit and John Pierce, by a mere 7 votes.

The Mayoral result wasn’t so dramatic. Lutfur Rahman has been voted back for another four years, leading his party, Tower Hamlets First.




Making Money Work

Do you want out find out how to save money? How to use the internet to get better deals? How to navigate the benefits system? How to understand Universal Credit? How to budget better?

A free course is starting in April that will tell you all that. It’ll run every week for 15 weeks, and you will get a qualification at the end.

Trainers from Toynbee Hall who will be running the course in Dorset Community Centre (off Columbia Road) will come to our next meeting – Monday March 31st, at 6.50pm in the Hut, to explain what is involved and what you’d get out of a course that has been really successful to date. There will be translation into Bengali-Sylheti.

It you can’t come on March 31st, you can still go along to an Open Day in Dorset on April 16th when you can find out more.

And here is a link …..

Money Mentors template towerhamletshomes2page



Gascoigne Estate Vision and Master Plan

Julia Hilton from Green Dreams Landscape Architects has finished the document outlining a vision for greening the estate.  The summary pages are shown below. The full report outlining the long term vision for greening and improving the estate is available to view here.  It is based on the plans and sketches shown on Apple Day […]

The Angel has Flown

She was with us only a short time – too short even to have taken a photograph.  But if you had walked along the horrible alleyway that leads fom Austin Street onto the estate, you’d have seen her.

‘She’ was a street sign – “Sweet Apple Alley  E2″ – that referred to the old days when ‘Sweet Apple Square’ stood where part of the estate and the Mildmay buildings now stand. We’d had a street sign specially made for Apple Day, and put up in the alleyway just next to the pop-up Sweet Apple Cafe.


Cafe apple_day_16

The sign made the alleyway a little bit less threatening (though nothing except for a thorough makeover could make it better). But it gave the grim place a character and it felt a bit more friendly…

So friendly that someone decided to remove the sign and take it home with them – neatly leaving the screws that had secured it back on the wall.


What would you do with £10,000 ?

The Mayor’s new fund launches this week – £10,000 to each ward: and local people decide how it should be used to improve the community. Give a thought to what you think would make life round here better – green space, more bins, better lighting to deter drug-dealing? Stuff for kids, for seniors….?

The Weavers ward forum meeting takes place on Tuesday 10th December at 6.30pm in St Peter’s Mission Hall, 56 Warner Place, E2 7DA (near Ion Square Gardens). People who come will decide the three priority areas that are set down as the most important. Come and have your say. If what you want isn’t talked about, it won’t get on the list.